Rich Girl is the plug for beauty industry women who are
getting to the bag. 

Rich Girl is an online store for lash and nail artist to get
their hands on top quality products locally to help them grow their business by
increasing their speed, quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Rich Girl is a virtual playground for the beauty business
woman who is the master of her craft. Rich Girl is a lifestyle. A Rich Girl is
not defined by a dollar amount. It’s a personality trait.

Rich Girl is about woman empowerment through business and
independence. It’s about having access to quality and promoting talented artist
in our city.

Rich Girl is for us by us.

Rich Girl was founded by mother daughter duo, Bridgette and
Terizzah. Combined we have 20 years of experience servicing clients in the
beauty industry. 

We know the pain points associated with getting your hands
on good quality products in the city. Our goal is to produce only the best of
the best, and always have it on hand. 

The talent in the city is remarkable. We deserve the
recognition and we deserve access to great brands available in Canada and sold
in Canadian currency.

We have huge aspirations for Rich Girl! We envision a jaw
dropping location where our girls can come out and play with products, network
with other artists, and vibe with like minded women.

Rich Girl isn’t just a supply store. It’s a lifestyle brand
that begins with doing something you love and curating the life of your dreams
around it.

Welcome to Rich Girl.