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Black Card Adhesive

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For Advanced Lash Professionals

You’ve put in the hours and are a master of your craft. You need an adhesive that can keep up! Our brand new formula dries immediately on contact with an insane 0.03 second dry time. Flexible, weightless, low fumes and an 8 week retention rating just like our other formulas. An absolute game changer! Never have another sticky again! We wouldn’t be RICH GIRL if we left out the oil and water resistant features! This formula can be wet immediately after drying and will hold up against your clients oil based products with regular cleansing. Pair with our Stocks and Bonds Bonder for the ultimate retention!

Shake adhesive bottle thoroughly for 60 secs at the start of each lash day and for 30 secs before dispensing each glue dot. Squeeze out any excess oxygen by holding the bottle upward and squeezing until you see an air bubble pop. Wipe the tip with an adhesive wipe and screw on the lid while you are still squeezing the bottle. Store in a dark cool place. Replace opened adhesive every 90 days and every year if unopened.

Ideal conditions:
Temperature - 20-25 degrees Celsius
Humidity - 40-60%

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